«Powell said the Fed’s independence from direct political

Ghani spoke hours after his office said it has been reassured by Washington that the talks in Qatar remain geared towards bringing the insurgents to the table with Kabul. Special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad who has been leading the negotiations arrived in Afghanistan late Sunday to update officials including Ghani on the progress made. Peace is […]

Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the dead

(Mildemonios Cultural, 27/06/2015) La primera novela que leí de Orson Scott Card fue Ender’s game.  Me pareció excelente.  Una muy buena obra de ciencia ficción.  Justamente premiada en todos lados.  Después leí Ender’s shadow.  No es técnicamente una segunda parte, sino una historia que corre en paralelo a la primera novela.  También excelente.  No solo […]

At first, she was unable to find the pouch, her hands

The notion that gentrification doesn’t always result in displacement may seem antithetical to some, because the term is often used as a synonym for displacement. In fact, if a neighborhood keeps the same number of housing units but has an influx of new residents, then displacement inevitably will occur. But in some places, it appears […]

And yet, despite their isolation, they are a vibrant community

In February 2016, it was a McKellen interview with The Guardian that Sam Smith misinterpreted in his Oscars acceptance speech. McKellen said that he sympathized with black actors over the OscarsSoWhite controversy because he had personally noted the lack of openly gay actors who had won an Oscar for Best Actor. A number of straight […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s re election campaign and the high

Its aim is to help women and women organisations or groups who are part of the peace movement, or interested in peace issues, to co operate closely on both national and international levels. Heide Schtz, 71, President of the NGO, shares her life experiences on getting older. Oftmals beginnt diese Leidenschaft schon whrend der Kindheit […]