Exclusive ’47 merchandise was available at all Fan Fest

Microsoft’s argument is that the goal of this new requirement is to give users the best and most secure experience possible. It is difficult to see, however, how preventing users from installing non Windows operating systems could be construed as a security measure. At any rate, the significantly smaller market share of ARM processors means […]

Also consider when you are interviewing for future jobs years

Private companies are a big risk. Also consider when you are interviewing for future jobs years down the road and the interviewer has never heard of your previous employer, so the credibility of your experience there is immediately in question. This is less likely in a public company with an established brand that an interviewer […]

McCain mocked Obama for laying out his policy prescriptions

They’re concerned about welcoming immigrants into the country. And I think that the Republican Party is stumbling around because there have been no new really exciting ideas coming out of the Republican Party for a number of years. They keep going back to Reagan. uk canada goose outlet Obama’s speech came just before an expected […]

He fought the Japanese in the Pacific until 1945

The game’s first runs came in the top of the sixth for Nashville when the Sounds put up a four spot. Andy Ibanez led off with a double. Jett Bandy singled to put Ibanez at third base. The video picks up a few seconds before the FBI and OSP vehicles pull in behind the jeep […]

Javier Zapata Innocenzi, Presidente

(Mildemonios Cultural, 25/09/2015) En la Feria del Libro de Piura me compré el juego de cartas sacado por Malabres, Presidente.  Se trata de un juego bastante sencillo: Se juega hasta que se acaban las cartas y gana el que tiene más votos.  Hay distintos tipos de cartas: Unas que te van sumando votos, otros que […]

«People are interested in food

A group of people, many of them in their 20s, nursing drinks and chatting, lounged on rugs on the floor and benches around the perimeter of a long, dark bar. Four musicians came and sat on chairs in their midst, began playing Ravel and everyone listened. If you want to teach people how the music […]

Olvidense de un Game of Thrones peruano

(Economía de los Mil Demonios, 24/09/2015) A lo mejor no lo saben, pero esta semana fue la entrega de los premios Emmy en los Estados Unidos, que reconoce a lo mejorcito de la televisión.  Y Game of thrones barrió con doce premios, lo cual me dicen que es un nuevo récord. (Seguir leyendo)